Richard Friedman
For over 30 years, Richard Friedman has been involved with the financial and management side of real estate investments in the commercial and residential markets.

Always one to spot a good investment, Richie brought Charles Rutenberg Realty to Manhattan in 2006. That vision proved to priceless to Richie and his cofounders of CRR as it is the fastest growing independent residential real estate firm in NYC to date.

Richie is no stranger to bringing new companies to the public eye. As President of A.P. Montgomery and Co. Inc., an over the counter Nasdaq market maker from 1961-1974, he specialized in trading every initial public offering and secondary that came to the market.

During the 1960s and ‘70s he wrote The New Issues column for Financial World Magazine and The Richie Report for the Daily Mirror. He was a weekly contributor to articles for the financial section of the N.Y. Times and N.Y. Post where his insight into the state of the initial public offering and secondary markets were highly valued.

After A.P. Montgomery and Co. Inc, Richie founded APMC Associates followed by RFJM Partners LLC which he disbanded to create RFMF Partners LLC. His new partnership focuses on the public equity markets as well as private placements, bridge loans, PIPEs and a variety of other private investments.

Richie’s honesty and integrity along with his outstanding reputation in the new issue market have made him a legend on Wall Street. His decades of financial and investment experience in equities and real estate add an unparalleled value to Charles Rutenberg Realty.