Become a Rutenberg Smart Broker

 Double your income and make an instant difference in your business and lifestyle goals. Depending upon your current commission split most agents realize an instant 45% to 100% pay raise!

Rutenberg Economics 101
$800,000 Transaction with a 3% Co-Broker Commission (that’s the Manhattan median price...the average is higher at almost $1.3 Million!)

Fairly easy to follow, right?

 Rutenberg agents are happy, having fun and managing their own careers. At Rutenberg you use only the services you need, so you don’t have to pay for the overhead of a traditional brokerage firm. Plus, you won’t be “supporting” your colleagues who make no money. This is the “independent contractor” concept at its best.

 Work with successful and dedicated Manhattan and Wall Street financial professionals. Richie Friedman, Joseph Moshe and Michael Barbolla have teamed up to give you all of the tools and support you could ever need.

 Have all of the tools you need to do your business.

 Work from home with no need to worry about “desk costs” or ever being fired.

 Use our office for training, support, questions...or, to drop off a commission check and get paid IMMEDIATELY!

BUT, we’re not the best place for everyone! If you think a traditional firm will be able to “feed you business,” then we think you should try that first. We are interested in agents who want to build their own businesses. You won’t be happy if that’s not what you want. And, your happiness is important to us...we don’t want the traditional brokerage firm atmosphere where most agents are unhappy!

*Less our nominal transaction fees